SENCAN , great sense of efficiency.
Many factories will say that their power tools are professional quality, ISO9001, CE GS, Rohs etc… But are they? We would like to put our own Sencan brand name and quality into the products and sell them to all over the world. Even if one piece of the tool has a small quality blemish under the SENCAN brand, we could not release the tool to the market from side, this would be like shooting ourselves in the foot.
Unique & Valuable Design
If the exaggerate design was helpful for your work, then we would be glad to make our power tools like a toy. On the contrast, Sencan power tools are committed on performance and reliability. We always try our best to make your work easier and safer with higher efficiency.
Not only torque, but also speed
The power tool users always say they need more power, But in fact what they want is more output power, not only for the torque, but also the speed. If the output power is not enough you have to give up the speed and the torque, its like when our cars are climbing a steep hill. Sencan have always focused on how the tools could have more power output. That’s why Sencan tools have brute force even with a lower input power value showing in our catalogue and on our tools.
We are not arrogant, We keep improving
At Sencan, our technology progress is unlimited. In order to pursue perfect quality, any improvement will be applied to our older products and to the development of new products. Keeping innovated and motivated to meet the ever-changing demands of the power tool customer.